Sanctuary Rig
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Sail On

Through my silent contemplation you lie sleeping in my arms
And your beauty almost more than I can bear
In other-worldly isolation we are sheltered from the storm
And the magic we have made will linger there
But I see dawn’s icy fingers come to infiltrate the night
I know Rhiannon’s birds will spread their wings and soon take flight
Though it’s not for me to reason why
I lie beside you spent too tired for dreaming

So sail on—though tomorrow I’ll miss you
I ain’t too proud to kiss you goodbye
Sail on—Caledonia’s calling
Though I know in the morning I’m going to cry

Though I know you’re hesitating, we can’t change the way we feel
And the time will surely come to say goodbye
Though the road ahead is waiting, I am stuck behind the wheel
As you turn your swooping prow towards the sky
And the waves rise up to meet you as you stretch to kiss the wind
And Boreas will greet you for to guide you home again
And a thousand questions haunt my lips
Though nothing I could say would bear repeating

Somehow Sunday’s shining glory turns to Monday’s rain
Suddenly I’m yearning for your gentle hand again
Something so extraordinary, Father, Sun and Mother Mary
Please don’t let my fragile senses drive my love away

And I watch the time-worn ocean break in fragile waves beside
As the sand accepts my footfall and I kiss the ageing tide
And our memory forms a bright cascade
Your voice more haunting than the lark ascending

Through my silent contemplation you lie sleeping in my arms...

No-one Understands (Outside the Shelter)
(McNamara / Rae / Trickett—4:45)

In the land outside the shelter strange monoliths fill the air
Shadows cast for a hundred miles - did the public servants care?
And if the nations can’t agree then will we die like all the rest?
The caveman kicks inside our head and shows us who is best
Diversity is strength, the strength that gives us power
Open hearts and open minds grow stronger by the hour
A lifetime of achievement swept away by idle hands
Each one has an answer, but no-one understands

Listen to the chaos as you’re lying in the street
Dissonant cacophony with a dull, relentless beat
Wavelengths of confusion drilling holes inside our head
Ask no questions, tell no lies – bang! bang! bang! you’re dead!
This would-be age of reason is constantly replayed
Nothing learnt from pointless wars, no progress ever made
Unwillingness to listen is the cord which binds our hands
Each one screams the answer, but no-one understands

Stop! Stop right now!
You! You must know how!
Your life is in your hands!
And no-one understands

All you’ve ever striven for is here within your reach
You can man the barricades but you can’t make a speech
A million years of history conveniently ignored
And protests to the contrary so desperately flawed
The clock is ticking slowly on the wing commander’s wall
Every hour it chimes our fate, a summons for us all
Take your bread and water but take care to wash your hands
It’s far too late tomorrow if no-one understands

This Love

This love is stronger than the stallion whom Vortigern employed
This love is older than the ancient kings who ruled the yawning void
I’ll face the madding crowd; I’ll shake my antlers proudly
I’ll sing your morning song; I have been waiting far too long

This love is broader than the sceptered island stretching sea to sea
This love is everything we’ve ever known; this love is you and me
I’ll fan your Beltaine fire; this love is deeper, wider
Higher than the highest mountain; I have become a roaring flame

        Well, I’ve seen her in the summer in her purple gown
        She can ride side-saddle, she can shoot you down
        She’s been to Heaven and to Hades on her silver wheel
        This ain’t no glamour, by the hammer I can tell she’s real
        She’s got that sweet Dutch magic in her fingertips
        Driven by the rhythm with the honey deep in her hips

This love is wilder than an untamed horse upon the slopes of Spain
This love is brighter than the morning star; this love can have no name
This love’s a waxing moon; Allfather smiles upon our union
And all the while, our love can only smile

        Well I've seen her on the mountain by the water's edge
        She wouldn't sign no paper, wouldn't make no pledge
        She brought Sweet Jake Justice to his bended knee
        She crossed the wine-dark waters of the hidden sea
        I got to praise Allfather for the way she walk
        I'm yawning in the morning and that ain't only tom-cat talk

You Are You (Indeed, Baby!)
(Faupel / Rae—7:08)

Oh baby so aloof
Can’t face the natural truth
I guess we’ve got a lot to learn
You’re two people night and day
It doesn’t matter anyway
Don’t want to see you crash and burn

I thought that I knew you
I don’t know who I’m talking to
You’re looking at me - you’re not who I see...
I don’t know who I’m talking to

All this time I couldn’t find what was happening inside you
You made sure that you closed the door, you did so well to hide you
Common sense, your pretence, I could not get past you
No-one knew, only you, firmly to your mast you

Then one day it fell away when you least expected
Flashing light, such an eerie sight, you were you reflected
Big surprise, thin disguise, hole above your shoulder
Pain and joy! Girl and boy? Suddenly much older...

All your tears, so many years living in the twilight
Night and day, a different way, looking through the skylight
Truth or dare, I don’t care, everything you sold me
You’re still you through and through, everything you told me

Now I know that I know you
Now I know who I’m talking to
You’re looking at me and you’re all that I see
Now I know who I’m talking to