Sanctuary Rig
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Mark Mark
Mark and friends
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Started playing my gran's piano in 1968 - she stuck little stickers with the names of the notes on the keys and, suddenly, all of the notes in my head had a name! Worked my way up to Grade 8 - hated the practising but loved the music - and then started playing in bands.

Favourite artists: Van der Graaf Generator, Sparks, Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Fairport Convention, Hawkwind.

Idols: Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Rick Wright, Tony Banks, Ron Mael, Jimmy Smith, Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher.

Bands before Sanctuary Rig: Raphid, Rick et Moi, The Andalusian Hemipodes, Bacchus & Co, The Hobbits of Olaf, Magic Circle, In The Cage, The Occupiers.