Sanctuary Rig
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Saw you today, you wouldn't look my way
You wouldn't even smile or say hello
"Faithless!", she cried, let you decide
But there's another side and I think you know
But you remember all the times I brought you down
I'm still upstanding though my dignity's left town
So I won't stay, but I won't slope away
The change has come and there's no-one
To justify

Too late to try, bad luck goodbye
You sprinkled hot foot powder on my trail
No common ground, don't turn around
You might see more than half the tale
So look me in the eye next time you stonewall me
Good luck, bad vibe, another jaded divorcee
But I've no time to talk of tender crime
It's a dirty deed, but I've no need
To justify

I hate to break your sad misguided cheap ideals
I lived the fairytale ‘neath Tarantino's wheels
But it's OK, I don't have much to say
The change has come—now it's over and done
Don't justify

He and She (Again)

He: Late at night, a warm invite, lightly served and so polite
She: "Please allow, show me how, come to me, I need you now"
He: "It's so late", tempting fate, fearing one retaliate
She: "Don't be coy, you silly boy, fill your yearning soul with joy!"
He: Close the drawer, tread the floor past the sleeper's open door
She: This is me (carefully) count my breathing rhythmically
He: Soaring high through evening sky, through the liquid night I fly
She: I am here, have no fear, see me feel your glow appear
He: Suddenly you're in my vision, swaying in the breeze
No time now for indecision, floating expertise
Neither loving, neither hating, nothing but we two
In an ecstasy of waiting, all I see is you
She: Mind to mind as I become you, melding into one
You are all that I succumb to, frailty undone
Take my hands across the ocean, catch me when I fall
Let me drown in the emotion, you and I are all
He: Time is spinning all around us, colours turn to grey
Still the future must surround us, leading us away
Seconds pass as years before us, æons in an eye
While the centuries implore us, only you and I
He: Higher still atop the mountain, starlight in our hair
Drowning in the burning fountain, gasping yet for air
With the universe revolving, angels serenade
Passion endlessly evolving, colours all cascade
Both:  A world within a world hidden from all slumber

Bring It On

You come on eagle's wings
To sing of half-remembered things
Beyond the cradle or the grave
You whispered gentle truth
And I deserve no further proof
Of the friendship we have made
And your voice is warm, inviting
As the stars collide upstairs
Should our disparate souls, alighting
Intervene in man's affairs?

On yellow hide I saw
A land beyond the Western shore
The Child of Harvest overcame
I come to contemplate
The cold capricious hand of Fate
That laid Him in the Earth again
And my soul is prone and trembling
Asking nothing in return
While Orpheus descending
Tells me of a love that burns

Sister, O Sister, you cut the cards
The Raven came and surely saw us
Sister, O Sister, I wept within your arms
As though you were our Mother before us

And you who came on eagle's wings
I'm truly filled with awe
The pain and rapture that you bring
I could not ask for more
With your beauty devastating
Spartan Helen falls behind
Your burning kiss ignites my soul
How could you be so kind?
And your jewel-encrusted stairway
Leads to courtyards of the Sun
Where a host of marble monuments
Extol the things you've done
But if cold and vacant statues
Know your station and your name
Then I would that I was made of stone
Not wrapped in burning flame...
...and barefoot through Avalon she ran!

Maybe I'll live alone
Enshrouded by your memory
Maybe I'll die upon the blood-soaked field
Your name upon my lips

Maybe a thousand angry Valkyries
Will bear me home
Maybe you're waiting on a distant shore
Your hands outstretched...

If this is love and desperation, bring it on
If this is bold imagination, bring it on
If this is bright emancipation, bring it on
If it's the price of inspiration, bring it on
Bring it on!

Life Song

In time, and outside time
Your love remains the same
In life and in between the lives
Your love has touched me there
I reach for all that you have given
Searching for the light
Of the times that stand given

Giver of the song
Player of the long-abiding presence
Taker of the power
Show me how
How to radiate this hour
And take this meaning home
Astride this longing given

True light, true life
Touching all that you reveal
Making one and shining on
Unifying now
Bursting forth to flow
Here amid the throng
Of anticipation given

Leaning towards the night
Reaching for the path ahead
Seeing the light
Shining in your heart
A journey undertaken
Through the surf or undertow
Of moments truly given

The Man In These Clothes

The man in these clothes would say I've broken every rule
I've stolen your love and played you for a fool
And you in the shadow, you can't face another dawn
I've broken my promise and left you so alone

We didn't know the way it would go when our two became one
So far away, that September day in the sun

The man in these clothes has seen the pleasure and the pain
A cold empty vessel and the shell is what remains
And you in your rage, you say you want to break my bones
A love torn and tainted for which the body now atones

So far to fall, too crippled to crawl, we were flying so high
Then we discover the water of love has run dry

The man in these clothes can see that you're hurting
The man in these clothes still cares
The man in these clothes is listening and learning
You're always a part of the man in these clothes

The man in these clothes can still remember you in white
Your smile and your whisper as you stepped into the light
Our future, our fortune was impossible to tell
Now the man in these clothes can only wish you well

Don't Hurt Me
(Rae / Faupel—8:28)

I know who you are
I know who you are
You've taken me over
We've travelled so far
You were all I lived for
And my only care
But now it's all over
This hopeless affair
And all I hear is my own breathing
And my head is running wild
You've taken all my memories
I'm just a little child—don't hurt me!

You promised me freedom
But poisoned my life
I made you my master
You buried the knife
You thought that you owned me
But you were so wrong
You preyed on my weakness
But I grew up strong
And all I hear is my own breathing
And my head is running wild
I've got you by the throat now
So where's your little child?—won't hurt me!

Now I am the master
Now I make the rules
I'm not your possession
Not one of your fools
I no longer need you
Though I still bear your scar
I've seen right, right through you
I know who you are!
And all you hear is your own breathing
And your head is running wild
You're just a distant memory
You're just a little child—can't hurt me!

And so, old friend, it's come to this
The Jesus cloak, the Judas kiss
With studied precision you set out your stall
Sold us a lie and made fools of us all
And now, ten years on, you think you're still bad to the bone?
Just an empty voice, empty threats, on the end of a telephone
A sad spectre lurking in a darkened doorway
Well, we can play that if you like, you can have it your way

See, you've been away, old son, and I've grown
I take care of myself, I look out for my own
I can hold up my head, and I don't need you
There's nothing for you here, go find another cheap slag to screw
Is that the only way that you can get your kicks?
A manipulation addict, gagging for a fix
But it's your last cheap ticket, your last head-fuck
You've exhausted my patience, my love and your luck

If I were you, sunshine, I'd stay right away
Or come back to the manor, and deal with The Blade
You're laughing now, pal, but you'll get yours
Your shame lasts as long as this endures

Mitchell and Shaw (Inverted)

Creeping back into the room,
Try not to make a sound
Suppressing everything you have to say
Crawling back into the ring
To take it lying down
It's been so long, you know no other way

Who leaves you nothing when they take it all?
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw
Who's got the love that's fit to break your balls
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw

Slipping through the Northern door
To make a churchman's oath
Contemplating every word you say
Sleeping ‘neath the bones
Of matrimony's holy ghost
Jesus doesn't want you anyway

Richer for poorer, you can have my wealth
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw
You fed my sickness and you wrecked my health
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw

Mitchell and Shaw used to have a rapport
While their love shone red and gold
Talk of the town, well, they got around
Before it all turned ugly, sick and cold
You wouldn't say it was bound to go that way
On the outside they were strong
They wouldn't tell of their bleak domestic hell
Where your best is always wrong
Mitchell and Shaw fought to even the score
So the war would carry on

Crouching in the corner
With the shadows closing in
Broken down with nowhere left to go
Unclean eyes and dirty lies
And we know where you've been
Fix your plastic smile, on with the show

Who's got the muscle fit to break your heart?
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw
Co-signed in blood: until us death do part
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw

Long Haul

    The crew of the Innova Park Mining Corporation ship prepared their final checklist. They'd gone through this rigmarole a hundred times before, of course, but still it never got any easier. As they prepared their stasis pods for the months of suspended animation which lay ahead of them, Captain Jonathan Bagger knew...
    "You OK, Wolf? You've got that look again." Debs could always tell when her Captain was uneasy.
    "I'm fine."
    "Not another one of your premonitions...!" Wolf was famous for his second sight. "Can you give me a hand to recalibrate the modulation rotary?"
    "Bitch!", Wolf muttered under his breath. He hated Debs. He just couldn't understand her obsession with TV, not to mention her ridiculous choice of clothing. Silk pyjamas and posh frocks on a deep space mining freighter, for heaven's sake!
    "Don't you think I look fab in silk, babe?", she teased.
    Wolf didn't. Smiling, he didn't reply. He was smiling because he knew that this would be Debs' final long haul. He knew that her stasis pod was going to malfunction. He knew this because he had programmed it to malfunction. He was going to kill Debs. And then he'd be free. Until he tracked down the next one.
    "Crew to final takeoff positions", crackled the intercom, "preparing to open the space doors."
    "OK everyone, see you on the other side!" said Wolf.
    Debs winked and whispered, "Nighty night, babe, unless you fancy waking me a little earlier..." Wolf didn't. Quite the reverse...
    The space doors slid silently open, and Captain Bagger and his crew of eleven vanished into hyperspace.
    Only ten would return...

Learn Again

And the fire becomes a burning ember
Cerridwen the Queen shall come
And when the Earth and Sky remember
Taliesin's work is done

You've got to take it with you
Ain't nothing I can give you
Turn around and learn again

And Atulya will journey
Guided by my sister's hand
And in the vale I want her only
Manu has become my land

You speak the charm of making
My Wyrd is for the taking
Turn around and learn again

And when Akhia rides in splendour
Even Vali shields his face
And in the waning of December
Then the Brave assumes his place

You speak of shining glory
But that's another story
Turn around and learn again

Spy in the Atmosphere

I am the spy in the atmosphere
I am the spy in the atmosphere
I am distant but so near
I am the spy in the atmosphere
And I'm taping everything you hear
I am the spy in the atmosphere

I am the window in the sky
I am the window in the sky
You will tell me when you lie
I am the window in the sky
And it doesn't matter what you try
I am the window in the sky

I am the ultra-violet ray
I am the ultra-violet ray
I know everything you say
I am the ultra-violet ray
And I'm with you every night and day
I am the ultra-violet ray

I am the footprint in the snow
I am the footprint in the snow
I am the voice you'll never know
I am the footprint in the snow
And I'm watching everywhere you go
I am the footprint in the snow

And you will never get away
And you will never get away
You have no choice but to stay
And you will never get away
And I'm going to make you pay and pay
And you will never get away

Well I am everywhere
Well I am everywhere
I stare and stare and stare
Well I am everywhere
You turn and I'm already there
And I am everywhere

I am the spy in the atmosphere
I am the spy in the atmosphere
Who knows when I'll appear?
I am the spy in the atmosphere
And I prey upon your deepest fear
I am the spy in the atmosphere

Just for the Record

I was on first-name terms with Gods and Queens
But you negated that, you said you didn't need it
I was the monkey wrench in all your schemes
But I was always short and, God, you made me feel it
No turning back, no magic wand
I broke my geasa without trying
And if we had a sacred bond
How could we leave each other crying?

You were not the only one
Who suffered in the war
Unspoken poems and broken bones
I've never seen their like before
I was not the only one
Who couldn't quite let go
Let the record show...

You were the magistrate of all my songs
And they were always keen to play the role you cast them
You were the clerk collating all my wrongs
And when the court resumed you couldn't quite see past them
Delusional come closing time
I had no voice for my confusion
The killing floor, your mask sublime
I preferred the safety of delusion!

I should not have knelt beneath
The monument of shame
I should not have nursed the dæmon
Fed him and apportioned blame
I should not have forced the hand
Of fortune, now I know
Let the record show...

Must I fall into the madness of confessing
And obsessing over things I cannot change?
Must I walk into the sadness of remembrance
Independence doesn't always quiet your pain

But I never meant to break you down
Lonely rider in a one-horse town
My reputation as a faded clown
Is keeping me from sleep at night
I toss and turn
I don't know where to go
I know it wasn't right to blight you
But somebody had to show
That everything is torn
Long before that bitter morn
I know...

O bleak inspector of my tapestries
If I dropped a stitch I knew that you'd be waiting
You ask me why should you go on your knees
Just because my ego needs fellating
And when I made to abdicate
You shot the guards and stormed the palace
When Wonderland broke up the band
You found me playing draughts with Alice

You and I should not have fallen
Victim to the curse
I only tried to live a lie
‘Cos honesty is so much worse
Fair to say I rue the day
I dealt the final blow
Let the record show...


It's the rising moon
Speaks roughly to her little girl
Don't give away the goods too soon
It's your foolish pride
That says stay close to what you know
It's not a sin to feel alive!
Don't believe their lies
Meet the bitter sting of criticism
Right between the eyes
Yesterday has gone
And though your lovers may have fell away
Your vision lingers on
    And Louise is striking poses
    And striking out alone
    She doesn't need a mother
    Or a man to feel at home
    Louise is on to something
    She can feel it in her bones
    But it's not easy—Louise

In uncertain times
It isn't hard to see
You must be clever to be kind
Every single day
Is cut and dried and nullified
It isn't hard to stay away!
Honey ain't you heard?
There's a new bitch on the block
And she can cut you with a word
Yesterday has gone
And though your shaman-sickness fell away
Your symptoms linger on
And your doctors and your teachers
Wonder where the old Louise has gone
But she's proud and pained and pretty
And she's really coming on strong
    And Louise is making waves
    Without permission or pretence
    She'd rather skate upon a razor blade
    Than sit upon the fence
    And when her words are framed in amber
    Generations hence
    Will you remember—Louise?

Don't ya look surprised
With your witch's silhouette
You're not so hard to eulogise
Yesterday has gone
And though my silence fell away
My admiration lingers on
And all the preachers and the prophets
Try to tell you that you're wrong
And you remind me a lot of my boy-child self
Before the whole thing went Pete Tong
And you turn the wheel so well
You send the teacher back to school
And you've smashed down all the windows
And you've broken every rule
And you've shown the Three Wise Monkeys
To be nothing more than fools
    And Louise she doesn't care
    If you're a sinner or a saint
    Louise can tell just what you are
    And see just what you ain't
    And I know there's a raw and honest beauty
    Underneath all that powder and paint
    But it's not easy—Louise

Dawn of a New Day
(McNamara / Rae—9:22)

I'm travelling on this lonely road
With only this life to behold
I don't doubt that I'll lose my way
I have so very much to say
I took the car and I missed the train
I waved my lover from the plane
I need to see her soon again
Waiting for this new day to begin

It's not been easy to decide
I found me a guru who confides
It's not a simple task for me
I guess I'll have to wait and see
I saw her in the astral light
She don't give up without a fight
She follows me through journeys long
Waiting for this new day to begin

In the blinking of an eye
I can see this world go by
And although it isn't strange
With my new life to arrange
I feel the weight and I feel the power
When I'm asleep, and in the hours
That keeps me waking in my heart
Waiting for this new day to begin

Time will draw unto a close
All that nature does expose
And in the presence of the sun
I can feel my work is done
I move towards a better day
I can hardly keep away
Counting endless nights and days
Waiting for this new day to begin