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15 July 2010
Next gig

Our next gig is on Saturday 7th August at The Railway Bell in Mitcham, South London. See the gigs page for details.
19 May 2010
Folk Against Fascism CD released

The much talked-about Folk Against Fascism CD is now out and can be purchased from the Folk Against Fascism website.

And if that were not enough, the good folks have released a companion CD entitled Pagan Folk Against Fascism which is available here and includes Wicker Man written by Jim and recorded by Jim and Mark especially for this CD.

It's a very worthy cause and we're very proud to be part of it. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
10 May 2010
More thanks

Again, it was great to see so many old (and new) faces at yesterday's gig at The Libertine. We really appreciate your support.
12 April 2010

A massive thanks to everyone who came along to yesterday's gig at The Libertine. See you next month.
29 March 2010
Folk Against Fascism CD - update

The CD is now available for pre-order at the Folk Against Fascism online shop. 31 tracks for only a tenner, pop pickers! What are you waiting for...?
22 March 2010
Jim solo acoustic gigs

Our ever-loving label Rig Records has been approached by Rock-Til-You-Drop to play a couple of acoustic afternoon gigs at The Libertine in London. Never one to pass up an opportunity to showcase the roster, Jim, Mark and Rig stablemate Manir Donaghue have got together and come up with a set of Sanctuary Rig, Jim Faupel and Manir Donaghue numbers rearranged in an acoustic stylee.

The gigs are in the afternoon of Sunday 11th April and Sunday 9th May. See the gigs page for more details.

As ever, expect the unexpected...
7 March 2010
New album

The mighty Rig reconvened today to begin work on the long-awaited follow-up to Khnosti. We have around eight pieces in various stages of arrangement, and they're already sounding great!

More to follow...
18 February 2010
Folk Against Fascism

Jim has been asked to contribute a couple of songs to the forthcoming charity CD from Folk Against Fascism. Jim has done a reworking of one of his old songs "The Wicker Man" plus a previously unreleased song called "The Bourgeois Blues" which didn't quite make it onto "Reinventing the Wheel".

The two tracks were recorded by Jim and Mark at Riverway on 15th Februay 2010, and are currently being mixed and mastered.

No word on a release date as yet, so watch this space for further news.

Click the FAF logo for more details.
27 November 2009
Rig in "Classic Rock Presents Prog"

Life Song, from Khnosti, is featured on the cover CD of the November 2009 edition of Classic Rock Presents Prog
20 July 2009
New solo album

Jim's new solo album Reinventing the Wheel is released today.

See here for more details.
11 February 2009
Next Rig gig

Our next gig is on 23 Feb 2009 at The Horns in Watford. See here for further details.
9 August 2008
Rig on iTunes

Sail On and Khnosti are now available from iTunes.
12 July 2008
New album

We are delighted to announce the worldwide release of our new album "Khnosti" on 14 July 2008. It's a double album containing over 90 minutes of everything you'd expect on a Rig record! It's available for purchase here.
19 May 2008
Mastering nearly complete

Masterning of the new album is nearly done now, and the tracklisting is finalised:

Disk 1 — "Jipamari"
1. Justify
2. He and She (Again)
3. Bring It On
4. Life Song
5. The Man In These Clothes
6. Don't Hurt Me
7. Mitchell and Shaw (Inverted)

Disk 2 — "Famcrasl"
1. Long Haul
2. Learn Again
3. Spy in the Atmosphere
4. Just for the Record
5. Louise
6. Dawn of a New Day
    i. The Dawn
   ii. The Day

5 April 2008
Recording done

We finished recording the new album yesterday afternoon - mixing begins next weekend, and we're anticipating a late May / early June release.

It's already sounding great and, in true Rig style of never doing things by halves, it's going to be a double album!

There's something for everyone on the new Rig album - straight-ahead rock, prog, slide guitar boogie, blues, a spacey instrumental, heavy rock, 60s and even a bit of calypso thrown in for good measure...

23 March 2008

Recording of the new album begins tomorrow. We're hoping to film at least some of it, and will post clips and pics here as soon as we can.
10 February 2008
New album

The recording sessions for the new album are now booked for March & April in darkest Essex. Following mixing and mastering, we're expecting a release date in May.

As well as the traditional CD format, the album will be available for download from our website, and via iTunes and other on-line sources.

The track listing isn't quite finalised yet but, as usual, there'll be plenty of different styles.

Expect the unexpected on the new Rig album!

13 August 2007
We're back!

After a bit of an extended break due to this, that and the other (mainly the other...) the mighty Rig are well and truly back!

We had a stormer of a rehearsal yesterday - it felt like we'd never been away.

So, onwards and upwards to the first album - watch this space...

28 August 2006
Next gig

Our next gig is scheduled for Monday 4th September 2006 in Kingston-upon-Thames. See the Gigs page for details.
17 December 2005
Next gig

Our next gig is scheduled for Friday 13th (!) January 2006 in Harlow.
22 November 2005
New recording

We are delighted to announce the release of our debut CD "Sail On" - it's been a long time coming! It's available for purchase here.
22 October 2005
New record coming soon

We've just finished recording our debut EP "Sail On" at City Studios in Welwyn Garden City. It was produced by the legendary Bob Bradbury, and is sounding fantastic! It's due to be released on 22nd November, in the meantime, you can hear some samples here.
15 September 2005
Debut recording

Well, we tried, but were unable to find a singer as good as Jim, so we're staying as a four-piece... Rehearsals and songwriting have continued apace through the summer and, finally, we're going into the studio next month to record our debut single. It will be in the form of a four-track EP, and will be available for purchase from the website. The track listing will be:
  • Sail On
  • No-one Understands (Outside the Shelter)
  • This Love
  • You Are You (Indeed, Baby!)
4 June 2005
Jim takes the lead

Following much soul-searching and navel-gazing, Jim has assumed the mantle of lead guitarist, so we're currently on the lookout for a new lead singer. If you fancy joining, or know anyone who would, please get in touch.
31 May 2005
Andy's gone

Andy has decided to leave the band - the rest of us are utterly gobsmacked.
1 April 2005

Having a bit of a break at the moment due to illness.
8 March 2005
New gig

Just got confirmation of our next gig, headlining The Rock Garden in Covent Garden this Sunday.
6 March 2005
Gig cancelled

Unfortunately, due to circumstances completely beyond our control, our scheduled gig at The Hobgoblin in Holloway Road on 18 March is now off.
1 March 2005
Rig sell-out

Our charity gig in Harlow in 5 March is now completely sold out. A massive thanks to everyone for their support!
18 February 2005
Rig on the road

We've finally started gigging - hurrah! The band's first couple of gigs have gone really well - check out some photos here. A massive thanks to everyone who's come to see us.
27 November 2004
We have a voice!

We have a lead singer! His name is Jim Faupel, an already established solo artist - for more info, check out Jim's website.
17 October 2004
New drummer found!

We have a new drummer! His name is Richard Slade and he just blew us away at his audition yesterday.

We're still looking for a lead vocalist to complete the line-up. If you're interested, or know anyone who might fit in, please get in touch.
4 October 2004
New drummer sought

Following Kim's departure, we're on the lookout for a new drummer who can play in lots of various styles but mainly blues and (prog) rock. We're also still looking for a lead vocalist to complete the line-up. If you're interested, or know anyone who might fit in, please get in touch.
31 July 2004
We have a bass player! His name is Paul McNamara, and impressed us no end with his Rickenbacker bass and Roland bass pedals!

Still looking for a lead vocalist to complete the line-up (see below).
24 June 2004
We are currently on the lookout for two new band members to complete the line-up: a bassist with a set of bass pedals, and a lead vocalist who can also play rhythm guitar.

Sanctuary Rig music is a mixture of prog, blues and straightahead rock/pop - influences include Genesis, Gary Moore, ELP, Jimmy Smith, Pink Floyd, Focus and Steely Dan. If you're interested, have your own transport and gear, and are able to rehearse from 10am to 6pm every other Saturday in North London, we'd love to hear from you.

Drop us a line for further details.